Coaching is a great way of being involved in basketball, whether you have stopped playing, coaching your son or daughter in a local Aussie Hoops program, getting involved with a team at your club or association, or taking the next step in your coaching career.

Coaches at Ashy Basketball club are volunteers who:

  • Understand and uphold the club’s Code of Conduct
  • Be inclusive and provide all players, existing and new, with equal opportunities to participate
  • Provide meaningful and accurate feedback to the Club on individual players, team performance and grading levels as requested by the Club
  • Use the coaches bag and always carry the first aid kit
  • Utilise the Resources section or Aussie Hoops program to assist in basic skills training
  • Work with the Team Manager for the benefit of their team and keep each other informed of developments concerning the team or any individual player.
  • Refer to the Referee Feedback section for issues regarding referees
  • Take notes on your players performance to help you decide on the coaches award at the end of the season.
  • Present your MPV and Coaches awards to your players at the end of each season.