The Ashy Basketball Club commenced in the 2009 winter season. The prior season there were 3 Ashburton Primary school based teams playing independent of each other in a common league. Four families with players in these teams gathered around a dining room table and discussed the possibility of creating a club that recognised the children playing from the primary school. It was also about this time that the school received notification that funding would be given to build a basketball gymnasium. As a group of families we discussed what it would be like to have a club based from children at the school, to create a smaller community group promoting good health through sport, and perhaps one day actually playing competitions at the school gymnasium.

The committee developed a uniform based on the schools “green and gold” colours and the name “Ashy Basketball Club” was registered. We initially received a small grant and some funding from local parents and purchased some equipment for each team. We looked at various leagues and felt that with the Waverley competition being predominately based all in the one location that we would join with them.

Over the years a “come and try” session, at the end of each season, has encouraged students at Ashburton Primary School to have a go and start playing the sport. All of the teams could only be possible with the voluntary assistance of parents and families who are the committee, coaches and team managers. Today we see older siblings also coaching teams. We also acknowledge the support of the school as we have grown and the help of the local community, whom without their help the club would not be where it is today.

In June 2014, the Waverely junior competition games began playing at the Ashburton Primary School gymnasium. The Ashy Basketball club has become a large community group now representing a significant percentage of the population of the school, together with a growing list of teams in the greater area. Seven years in and the committee has grown, as have the number of teams now reaching 39, with many returning with friends from the school just to play for fun as they navigate high school commitments.