High Performance Basketball Tips

Basketball is a game of fundamentals and habits.

The following tips were sourced from Victoria Metropolitan – High Performance Basketball program.


Great basketball players play a lot of 1 v 1 basketball. Here is a great drill that will challenge your toughness and basketball ability. Find a friend or teammate and go play some 1 v 1.

Shooting ability

Form shooting is hugely important in developing your technique, rhythm and feel for shooting the basketball. Professionals all over the world invest countless hours on their technique and have done so from an early age.

1 v 1 Offensive ability

Ball handling, footwork and finishing are all imperative when talking 1 v 1 offensive ability. The more time you invest in practicing with the ball in your hands, the better you will become.

1 v 1 Defensive ability

Closeouts are hugely important. Have a look at how hard and at what speed these college athletes closeout at.