Team Managers

The role of the Team Manager is an integral part of the team, it does not need to be difficult, or time-consuming. However, it does require some communication and organisational skills, as the team manager is the direct liaison between the coach, players, parents and committee.

The basic role of the Team Manager is to ensure that:

  • The team has sufficient players for each game; and
  • All parents are kept informed of the club’s activities, team’s activities (training and games) and their responsibilites (scoring, voting for MVP and supervision at training).

Team managers should work with the coach for the benefit of their team, and keep each other informed of developments concerning the team or any individual player.

Key responsibilities

  • Maintain a team list for your communication.
  • Inform the team/parents of Club Policies.
  • Create a parent’s scoring roster and ensure that parents know how to score.
  • Ensure there are sufficient players and arrange fill-ins if necessary
  • Be inclusive and provide all players, existing and new, with equal opportunities to participate.
  • Ensure all players (parents) are aware of the registration process and that any requests regarding player selection are submitted at the time of registration by the player’s parent.
  • Communicates any concerns with the team or coaching to the committee.
  • Understand and uphold the club’s Code of Conducts.
  • Facilitate an end of season team celebration and/or awards presentation.