Summer 21-22 – Training and Games return

Happy to report that Training and Games have returned for summer 2021-2022. Training can commence immediately at Ashburton Primary School and Games return from Saturday 6th November. Please see below for detailed information on Training and Game day.


Please see the schedule here and also check for another communication from your team manager. 
To err on the side of caution, and also considering that our training venue is a school, we recommend 

  • Minimising attendance at training – mainly for coaches, players and assistants
  • Attendees over 16 should be double vaccinated
  • Masks are to be worn for all non-coaching and non-playing attendees.

Game day
Games are scheduled to start the weekend of Saturday 6th November, fixtures are here


  • All players added or changes made in PlayHQ after November 2 will not be on the system for the weekend and must be entered manually on the weekend. 

Venue Limits (which include officials and venue staff)

  • To keep the numbers at the required level, only one parent/guardian per player can attend.
  • Parents and players must not arrive more than ten minutes before the commencement of their game.
  • Allow games to finish before entering the stadium

Face Masks

  • Are compulsory for everyone over the age of twelve to enter the venues unless medically exempt
  • Players, coaches and referees are exempt while on court participating in the games.
  • Players and coaches must wear a mask while not playing and on entry and exit of the venues.


  • No basketball are allowed into the venue.
  • WBA will provide Warm-up basketball and games balls and sanitised them between games
  • Reminder: WBA are introducing size five basketballs into its under eight, tens and twelve competitions.


  • Both teams to supply one scorer each
  • Scores to assist with the cleaning of scoring  equipment
  • Must wear masks

QR Codes

  • Everyone must QR code in, including officials, coaches and players and show the BSO’s on entry to the venue.


  • The city of Monash mandates that everyone 16+ must be double vaccinated to enter council venues

Thank you to all for your patience. As you can imagine, there have been many items to be taken into consideration by Basketball Victoria, Waverley Basketball Association, Ashburton Primary School and the Ashy Basketball Club.

If you have any queries, please contact Abbie, the club secretary on