Playing another Ashy Team

Alternate Player Tops

When two or more Ashy basketball teams are in the same section and play against each other in a game one team must wear the alternate Ashy Basketball singlets. If your team is the first listed team in the Waverley fixtures (i.e. 1 v 4 with your team being 1) then your Team Manager is responsible for collecting the alternate singlets from the Ashy Uniform Coordinator in time for the game and returning them washed, before the following game in which they are needed.

The Procedure for borrowing the alternate Ashy Basketball Singlets provides more information on what to do when the alternative singlets are already in use and also how to assign the temporary numbers to players on their game day.

If the alternative singlets are in use, bibs can be loaned from the kiosk at Waverley at the cost of $1 per bib. Please keep the receipt, as the club can reimburse the cost via the Reimbursement Form.