Summer 19/20 Registrations are now open!

Registrations are now open. Players U16 and below will need to register individually for the Summer 19/20 Basketball Season using the link below. U18 and older players will receive an email from their team manager or coach as per the U18 Section below.

  • Registrations will close on Saturday 17th August 2019. Players that register after this date will be wait-listed and not guaranteed a place on a team.
  • Teams will be emailed out after all grand finals on Wednesday 18th September.
  • Confused about which age group? See table below.

Register NOW (only for players U8 – U16)

Note: SportsTG have changed their authentication process. You now need to use your email address. You will receive an email that will provide you with a link to set your password. Once your account has been verified you will be able to complete this online registration form.
If you need uniform items please order them at the time of registration as the wait time is 6 weeks.

Teams will be selected based on the Club’s Team Selection Policy. You are encouraged to read the policy before registration. All requests for friendship, to stay in a team, or to play outside of a player’s age appropriate section must be made in writing either in the online form or via an email to at the time of registration.

Players U18 and above

Players U18 and above will be required to register through their team registration process and pay the season’s fee at the time of registration. Please contact your team manager or coach for more information.

Age groups

All Players must be within their registered age group as at 30th June 2019.